Survey Guide - Your questions answered

How do I join an online survey site?

To get started, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Select a survey site from the list and click the 'Join' link - you'll find this under the review. The link will open in a new window and take you directly to the sign up page on the survey website.
  2. Fill in your basic profile information and let them know your email address - this is where your survey invites will be sent.
  3. Some survey companies will need you to confirm that the email address you provided belongs to you. In this case, you will get an email with a confirmation link to click.

That's it - you will now receive online survey invites in your inbox. We recommend filling in the more detailed profiling surveys offered by some survey websites. This will increase your chances of being selected to participate in a surveys.

Do I have to pay to join survey sites?

None of the survey sites we review charge their members to register or participate in market research. We are aware there are a few scam sites on the internet which scam people into paying to join survey websites. No legitimate survey sites charge membership fees of any kind.

Are my personal details safe?

By law, every survey company has to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, ensuring any private information you share is used solely for market research and is never disclosed to third parties.

Are these survey sites legitimate?

All of the survey sites we review are registered with the industry regulator, The Market Research Society. MRS is the world's largest association of market, social and opinion research professionals, and it ensures the survey sites support best practice by setting guidelines and enforcing industry standards through the MRS Code of Conduct.

What topics will I be asked about?

Anything and everything! Soft drinks, shampoo, TV programmes, politics, cars, air travel - you name it. Your opinions are needed today for brand name companies and opinion polls for news outlets.

Where do my answers go?

Your opinions are collected and combined with thousands of other people's answers. These results are then analysed by the market researchers and a report is produced for the client who commissioned the research. This ensures none of the answers you give can be traced back to you personally and any personal details you provide are protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.

An example could be: Out of 12,455 people surveyed, 72% prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi Cola.

Do I have to do every survey I'm sent?

No, you can pick and choose which surveys you complete. This does not impact future paid survey opportunities.

Is it easy to quit?

Yes, if you lose interest in doing paid surveys you can close your account easily. You will stop receiving survey invites immediately, and your details will be permanently deleted from their systems.

Can anyone join?

Yes, market research panels need members of all ages and from all walks of life. It doesn't matter where you live, what your income is, nor if you're employed, these survey panels need a diverse range of members and value everyone's opinion.

How many survey sites can I join?

Feel free to join as many as you like. We strongly recommend joining the top 10 paid survey sites listed here. This will ensure you have a constant supply of survey invitations and will ultimately help increase your earning prospects. Filling out the same profile questions on each survey site can get repetitive, but it pays off in the end.

How much can I expect to earn?

If you want to earn a reasonable amount of extra cash, the more survey sites you can join the better.

Many people find that completing paid surveys thoughout the year is a great way to help save up for holidays and Christmas.

Questions and Feedback?

If you have any questions or sugggestions for the site, please send us an email. We valued your feedback and aim to respond to messages within 24 hours.

Paid Survey Reviews

Independent Reviews of the UK's Most Rewarding Survey Sites

Browse our survey site directory of the best paid survey sites:

  • Survey frequency: Few per Week
  • Money per survey: £1 - £5
  • Payout threshold: £50
  • Payment method: Cheque


YouGov is one of the top survey panels around. Pays by cheque once you reach 50 which comes round quicker than you might think. Surveys are regular and pay from 50p to £10. There are also entries into prize draws every month and occasional chances to participate in online focus groups, with £30-£50 incentives. Read Full Review

Join YouGov
Valued Opinions
  • Survey frequency: Almost Daily
  • Money per survey: £0.5 - £10
  • Payout threshold: £10
  • Payment method: Vouchers

Valued Opinions Review

Valued Opinions have recently redesigned their website, making it more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Regular surveys are emailed straight to your inbox. Reaching the £10 cash out amount doesn't take long and can be requested in the form of a £10 voucher. Tesco vouchers are good for cutting down the weekly shopping bill. Vouchers are also available for M&S, Amazon, Boots, Argos, John Lewis, Topman, HMV, & Marriott.

Join Valued Opinions
IPSOS Access Panel from IPSOS Mori
  • Survey frequency: Very Irregular
  • Money per survey: £10 - £80
  • Payout threshold: None
  • Payment method: Cheque

IPSOS Review

Surveys are quite infrequent, but when one comes along it pays very well. Participation in focus groups and in online discussion forums is rewarded with substantial amounts of money or vouchers in the region of £40 - £80. You've just got to register and hope you fit the profile in future studies. Good luck!

Join IPSOS Access Panel
Growth for Knowledge Media Study
  • Survey frequency: One every day
  • Money per survey: £0 - £10
  • Payout threshold: None
  • Payment method: Vouchers

GfK Media Study

Let's talk TV! Here is your chance to say what you think about different TV programmes. It doesn't matter how much TV you watch, it is your personal opinion that counts. Become a panel member and let the broadcasters know your opinion on a regular basis. Sign in once a day and rate yesterday's TV programmes for free entries into prize draws for high street vouchers - they give out 1500 cash prizes per month to panel members.

Join the GfK Media Study
Global Test Market
  • Survey frequency: Daily
  • Money per survey: £0.5 - £10
  • Payout threshold: £25
  • Payment method: Cheque

Global Test Market

Surveys are very frequent and usually quick to complete so remember to check your inbox. Cheques are made out in GBP, or your local currency, so cashing them isn't a problem. You should be able to get four or five £25 cheques from these guys each year.

Join Global Test Market
  • Survey frequency: 2-3 per week
  • Money per survey: £0.5 - £2
  • Payout threshold: No minimum!
  • Payment method: Vouchers

My Survey

Points are currently redeemable for vouchers or you can have them converted straight in to Nectar Points to spend in Sainsbury's etc. In addition, once you've become a member, your name will automatically be entered into a Prize Draw to win up to £2,000. Read Full Review

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