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Company History

Surveyhead was founded in 2008 by the founders of From 1999 to 2005, goZing paid out over $5 million to people worldwide for completing online surveys. In 2005, goZing was acquired by a public competitor. Today, we work with corporations and market research firms around the world to help them gain competitive intelligence through online surveying.

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Are my details safe with Surveyhead?

Surveyhead adheres to the principles set forth in the Safe Harbor framework as established by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personally identifiable information provided to Surveyhead from the United States.

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What They Say

Your opinions and insights will directly influence major brands and firms around the world! The purpose of our surveys is to gather important feedback from research members just like you. Your opinions will help companies enhance products and services as well as create new innovations. There is no fee for your participation.

You will get 3.00 in your Surveyhead account just for signing up.

What We Say

Surveyhead are really good at sending you a large number of surveys very frequently, which pay a fair amount of money for the time it takes to fill in. Money can be withdrawn by PayPal once you have reached 16 and they give you 3 just for signing up. Other payment methods include charity donations or you can exchange for Skype credit vouchers.

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Proof of Payment from Surveyhead

Surveyhead make cash payments to survey takers by PayPal. The screenshot below shows a PayPal statement showing a payment of 15.88 on 8 Nov 2011 by United Samnple Inc, the parent company of Surveyhead. You can request a payment once you have reached a balance of $25. This is then converted to your local currency by PayPal - in this case, 15.88 GBP for a UK panelist.

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New members can register at this link:

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