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Newvistalive is an online research community that has been created by Creston plc insight companies ICM Research, Marketing Sciences, MSTS and CML. The newvistalive panel is purely internet based, enabling people to provide their opinion on a wide range subjects, such as new products and current social or political issues.

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Your answers will be pooled with all the other responses to the survey and analysed as average scores, often these results are published in the national press or reported on current affairs programmes.
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Thank you for expressing an interest in joining, part of newvista Research. New Vista is a thriving and growing community set up for market and opinion research purposes. Our surveys are designed to be interesting and varied and your participation will allow you to express your views on issues that are important to you.

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Pays you 1 for every 5 minutes of your time = 12 per hour! Surveys typically take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete. The 50 payout level is easier to reach than the limit seems so give it a go!

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Once you have accumulated 50 points New Vista send you a cheque for 50 at the next payment date. Thereafter, with each 50 points you accumulate they will make a further payment of 50.

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New members can register at this link:

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