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Ipsos focuses on a single activity, namely the production, interpretation and distribution of information gathered from individuals about their opinions, desires, attitudes and behaviours. As of 2011, IPSOS Interactive operates in 67 countries and has a revenue of around 1 billion euros.

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Are my details safe with IPSOS Interactive Services?

IPSOS Interactive UK is regulated by the World organisation for market research - ESOMAR:

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A company of inquiring minds and passionate people. A group of research professionals giving voice, and shape, to the thoughts of millions all around the world. Ipsos is one of the largest survey-based market research companies in the world and among the most trusted research brands worldwide.

We conduct more than six million surveys, in more than 100 countries, each year. We help interpret, simulate and anticipate the needs and responses of consumers, customers and citizens around the world bettering the products and services we all use every day.

What We Say

Surveys are quite infrequent, but when one comes along it pays very well. Participation in focus groups and in online discussion forums is rewarded with substantial amounts of money or vouchers in the region of 40 - 80. You've just got to register and hope you fit the profile in future studies. Good luck!

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Payments are made by Cheque or vouchers. Cheques are posted to your regsitered home address and are written in GBP (pounds and pence) so they can be cashed at UK banks.

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New members can register at this link:

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